Vapor Free-X 6/4 Powerseam

  • Overview

    We gave our designers the total freedom. Make the best Prolimit suit ever with the best technical features. High-end materials, optimized panels and an asymmetrical front zip create ultimate freedom of movement for best performance. Thermal Rebound lining is directly derived from survival blankets for the protection against cold conditions.

    • Powerseam patented construction
    • 4D limestone neoprene
    • Zodiac plush inside lining
    • Aqua flow Quick dry inside lining
    • YKK Free-X asymmetrical front zip
    • Thermal Rebound lining
  • Specs

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Thermal Rebound

  • NEOLIGHT COATING – Neolight coating is made from the lightest materials giving it the unique woven look.
  • SELECTED FOAM – Highest grade of neoprene foam is selected
  • THERMAL REBOUND –¬†Aluminium foil is laminated with Zodiac lining to give thermal core warmth
  • ZODIAC LINING – Each part of the wetsuit is coated with a selection of thermal linings.


A unique technology. Colored thin slick looking seams are triple glued and sealed off on one or both sides with a liquid rubber seal. The liquid seal reinforces the seams and prevent water leakage. The advantage: thin, colored, high wear resistant. watertight, super stretch seams and the abiity to use it on skin surfaces.

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