SUP Neoprene Zipped Hoody 1.5mm

  • Overview

    The Prolimt SUP neoprene zipped hoody is the top for your colder paddle sessions. The perfect panel layout and using the highest quality neoprene materials for your paddle sessions. Features Prolimit’s airflex 550+ for snug ft and movability, longer arm and tumb pocket. The Prolimit SUP hoody neoprene is windchill optimized top for serious cold water conditions.

  • Specs


  • Airflex 550+ Neoprene

    Airflex neoprene is made out of limestone neoprene and by changing the formula of the foaming agents we can determine the stretch in our raw material. Laminating with the different backings determing the final flex of the panels. Able to stretch 550%.

  • Flatlock Construction

    Flatlock seams are used on summer suits and rashquards. The stitching goes through both layers of neoprene which overlaps for maximum strength on thinner materials.
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