Predator FZ 6/4 FTM (DL)

  • Overview

    Full Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene with FTM TAPED SEAMS & GBS seams. FreeZip construction for easy entry. A high quality wetsuit to attack any condition.

    • Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene
    • Zodiac plush inside lining
    • YKK FreeZip construction
    • Fused edge collar
    • Drain holes + Velcro legstraps
  • Specs

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The Prolimt freezip constuction; we have created the easiest access. Limited water entry and will keep you warm and comfortable during long sessions.

Airflex 550+

Airflex 550+ limestone neoprene with triple glued and blind-stitched seams and back zip with water block collar for easy entry.