Oxygen Steamer Freezip 6/4 FTM (DL)

  • Overview

    FreeZip entry with FTM TAPED SEAMS is our warmest and most high-end women’s wetsuit. The Stretchy minimized panel layout with Neolight duotone 550+, 4D limestone Neoprene outside and Zodiac plush inside lining keep you warm and comfortable during long sessions.

  • Specs

    • size

      34/XXS, 36/XS, 38/S, 40/M, 42/L, 44/XL

    • colour



  • Freezip

    The Prolimit original freezip construction; we have created the best easiest access. Limited water entry and will keep you warm and comfortable during long sessions.

  • Zodiac Lining

    Velvet feel on the inside, provided by high tech woven lining wich absorbs the water from the skin and increases comfort.

  • FTM Seals

    Our Fluid Taping Method seam construction. Triple glued seams with the outside of the seam sealed of by a wider black carbon neoprene seal. The inside of seam is protected by our glued and
    blind stitched technology. FTM TAPED SEAMS seams are durable, watertight and keep high stretch.

  • NeoLight Neoprene

    A Two tone fabric gives a different look to our product. Besides looks the extra yarns offer a softer, more stretch and a smooth feel to the outer lining. Always combined with the Airflex 500+ innerlining.

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