Mercury TR HW Taped FZ 6/4 FTM

  • Overview

    The strongest and ultimate watertight wetsuit. Neoprene tape is neatly laser cut and high frequency welded onto the inside of the wetsuit. Combined with Flued taping method (FTM TAPED SEAMS) outside seams results in a neat, strong and durable seam. Neolight Duotone 550+ limestone neoprene panels with Thermal Rebound layout, Zodiac plush inside lining and FTM TAPED SEAMS seams. To complete it a waterblock seal to limit water entry and to keep you warm and omfortable during long sessions.

    • Neo tape inside seams
    • FTM Taped seams
    • Neolight dutone 550+ limestone neoprene
    • YKK Freezip, horizontal frontzip
    • Zodiac plush inside lining
    • Aqua flow Quick Dry inside lining
    • Thermal Rebound lining
  • Specs

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Mercury TR

The strongest and ultimate watertight wetsuit.

thermal rebound

NASA Technology in your wetsuit. Creating a thermic barrier which rebounds your heat. Comfort, dry and lightweight. 

Thermal Rebound™ lining is directly derived from survival blankets for the protection against cold conditions. Extra protection layer between the neoprene and zodiac to reflect body heat and to block wind chill.


The ultimate watertight mercury. To complete the Prolimit freezip construction we have created an additional water block seal to limit any water entry and to keep you warm and comfortable during lon sessions.

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