Hydrogen Hybrid Steamer 6/4

  • Overview

    A hybrid freezip construction; skin neoprene in combination with Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene for the best wind-chill protection and optimized stretch.

  • Specs


  • FTM Seals

    Our Fluid Taping Method seam construction. Triple glued seams with the outside of the seam sealed of by a wider black carbon neoprene seal. The inside of seam is protected by our glued and
    blind stitched technology. FTM TAPED SEAMS seams are durable, watertight and keep high stretch.

  • Airflex 550+ Neoprene

    Airflex neoprene is made out of limestone neoprene and by changing the formula of the foaming agents we can determine the stretch in our raw material. Laminating with the different backings determing the final flex of the panels. Able to stretch 550%.

  • Mesh neoprene

    Full skin mesh neoprene for extra warmth in wind chill areas. Perfect in colder climates for longer sessions.

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