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Boot shape

We created our very own OCL (Orthopedic Controlled Last) for our boots & shoes collection. The result is proper fitting footwear for water sports. The best shape and technology in a boot or shoe available.

We built the best last possible for active water sports. Together with a Orthopedic specialist we analyzed different feet and came up with complete new last designs. In the design we incorporated the stretch of the materials, water influence and the dynamic positions of the feet during active water sport. Your feet are made of 26 bones and 214 ligaments; they need proper support! Also during active water sports.  

Most of the Prolimit boots and shoes are built using our unique, Prolimit owned, OCL (Orthopedic Controlled Last). We created the best shape and technology in a neoprene boot or shoe:  

Profiled heel

  • Shaft is more raked back for the dynamic position
  • The heel of our OCL lasts are much narrower closing nicely around your achilles tendon and supporting it    

Swept foot profile

  • Our arch is lower to prevent rolling of the boot around your foot
  • Our sole foot arch is pre shaped to fit the natural position of the foot which is not flat    

More important, OCL last build boots and shoes will have less water entry. OCL last build boots are leaving no air space in the boot which cannot be filled up by water!